Equine Facilitated Learning


We use Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) to help individuals, couples and / or teams uncover the possibility within themselves. During this 1.5 hour session, the participant or participants are the centre of their own experience with the horse as a teacher. The horse is engaged with the participant in experiential learning moments. It's a process in which individuals gain knowledge and acquire skills. 

Horses help people reconnect with their lives with a safe non judgemental relationship, bringing feelings to the surface and creating an opportunity for emotional learning that helps people better understand their own behaviour when they see it reflected in the horse. 

This session involves no riding and all work with the horses is on the ground. 

The session begins with a discussion with the facilitator to determine how the participant (s) would like to benefit from the session. Then the participant (s) is introduced to the horses, which may be in paddock or in the field. The participants will work with the entire herd and the herd will work with them.  


  • Participants must wear closed heel toe shoes or boots - no sandals allowed
  • Participants must sign the Whispering Pines waivers
  • Must be 18+

Message Paula for dates and times for your FEEL experience today.