Equine Experiences

Escape the busyness of life for a session with the horses. Book time for your own self-discovery, or bring a friend or partner and experience the horses together. 

Trained and certified in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) approach, owner and facilitator Paula Dunn works with clients applying the FEEL modality to encourage transformation and personal growth through the wisdom of the horse.

Horses are very intuitive and sensitive animals. They respond to the emotions and energy of their herd and the people around them.  The horses become a metaphor for what is happening in your life providing a mirror to reflect back information about your coping skills and communication abilities.  In partnership with the horse, participants are encouraged to explore their fears and emotions that are currently impacting them.  This is completed in a safe space free of judgement.  No riding experience is needed.  This work is completed on the ground with the horses.