Just Be You


Fall is a time for letting things go and moving forward.  As the leaves change into vibrant colours,  it is the perfect time to focus on self discovery, self awareness and well being.  Join us for a new program: Just Be You.  Each week we will focus on one of the following  self care topics: building relationships, setting boundaries, self compassion,  and the beauty of being you.


Dates: Every Wednesday evening starting September 20 to October 11,  2023
Time:  6pm-8pm
Location: 195 South Lake Road
Cost:   $320.00 for 4 sessions (includes all supplies, workbooks and snacks)


Who Should Attend

This program is designed for adults who are looking to increase their self awareness. This workshop is for you if you are interested in learning new skills, reconnecting to yourself with the wisdom of the horses and nature.  No riding experience is necessary.  All work is completed on the ground  with the horses (once comfortable) and in group work.  

We encourage you to join us for a transformational shift in your relationship to yourself and others.  Space is limited to 4 people per session given the intensity and intimacy of this program.  There are two facilitators present each week to provide insight, teaching and support.  


This is what one of our clients wrote about their experience.

 She reminds me of a cloud, of rolling hills.  What mystery makes me want to cleave to her quiet presence, her tolerance, her patience? With beating heart I fight my tears, gather my resolve and get lost in her pleasure. Her pleasure is my pleasure. Her harmony is my harmony.  We are strangers, or are we? What strange brew links us? My tentative movements become more fluid and skilled. I feel her trust as chaos subsides. Soon I want to get closer, stroke her with my hands and feel her beating heart, to enter stillness.